A few things for the season:
1)  You manage the substitutions.  They do not have to be at MID-FIELD, just as long as you keep track of the substitutes
and there are no issues.  
2)  Corner flags and lines on the pitch a must;
3)  Matching shirts with a PERMANENT number a must (no permanent number, no play) and no duplicate numbers either;
4)  HOME team responsible for changing shirts if color conflict;
5)  Match start times are 6:15 pm.  15 minute "grace" period for teams WITHOUT 7 players.  If team has 7 players, match
6)  Two rosters from each team, 1 goes to other team and 1 goes to me with match report.  Check in players with valid US
Soccer ID ONLY.  Check expiration date on the paper version because they do expire;
7)   Referee needs to report match to me, refereecoordinator@oldcolonymenssoccerleague.com, no later than Tuesday
morning.  Monday night is best, but will take Tuesday morning.
8)   Referee payments:  Match payment is $70 for Referee; $45 for both Assistant Referees.  You should get $80 from each
team BEFORE the match begins.  
-If a match is being cancelled, it has to be cancelled before 1600 (4:00 pm).  No fee to officials.
-If a match is put into your control, between 1600-1800, and you cancel it BEFORE match starts, then you will receive HALF
(1/2) the fee, and that will come from the league by check.
-If you begin the match, and then have to cancel due to whatever reason, you keep your fee.
Please remember that you are professionals, and perception is everything.
9)   Inclement weather policy is be logical about it.  It is tough for these teams to get pitches and players together for their
matches.  Most of the players have to work the next day, so let us try not to get them injured because of a pitch.  A match is
"legal" after 45 minutes is played.  Lightning, get OFF the pitch!!!!!!!!!!!  Enough said.  If you have to suspend a match due
to weather, wait 23 minutes (why 23, because it is between 15 and 30), if does not improve, call match.  Lighting is a
problem for the season, so we do not want it to get too dark on the matches.
10)   Check tab with Laws of League for any differences in the Laws for the OCMSL;
11)   Referee uniforms:  3-striped socks, uniform shirts matching.  Do not care if all three have old shirts or new shirts, as
long as you all match.  Same, same with short and long sleeves.

Make sure you check here periodically for updates.