Please read Referee tab for what Walter is telling his referees about Substitutions and other things throughout the

1.  US Soccer ID is the only VALID ID for players beginning May 1 throughout the State so get on registering the
players now so that they can receive their ID in time.

2.  Same uniform shirts for every field player.  Permanent numbers are required and no duplicate numbers are
allowed.  Referees are not to allow duplicate numbers or non-permanent numbers to play in the match.  No shirt
switching either.

3.  Three (3) match balls are to be present at the beginning and throughout the match.

4.  Pitches need to be properly lined by 6:15 pm on match night.  Corner flags, not corner cones or sticks, are to be
present and meet USSF standards (5' in height).

5.  The maximum number of players on the roster is 25.

6.  Start time for the matches is 6:15 pm unless otherwise determined BEFORE match night.  Seven (7) players
begins the match and late arriving players will enter play when there is a STOPPAGE, not on the "fly".  If you have
seven (7) players at 6:15 pm, the match will start.

7.  The home team is responsible for changing colors if there is a conflict.  I have two (2) sets of pinnies at Delta and it
is your responsibility to pick them up BEFORE your match and return them on Tuesday cleaned and washed.  This
website has the colors of the teams on it, so if you think there might even be a slight chance of conflict, then pick up
and bring them to your match.