-  Current FIFA and USSF rules of play shall be in effect except as specifically noted in the following rules.

2.  AGE
-   All players must be 18 years of age or a graduate of high school.  Please note that any player who violates this rule
will be suspended for one (1) year and will not be reinstated until he meets the criteria to play in the Old Colony Mens
Soccer League.  Also, any team who has a player who is shown to be under age, will forfeit ALL matches in which the
player participated.

a.  Any team desiring to join the league, must submit a $130.00 refundable deposit prior to the start of the season and
must attend the season opening meeting and be voted in by the existing teams.
b.  Field maps must be submitted at least two (2) weeks prior to the start of the season.
c.  The league registrar shall be the final authority on roster questions.

a.  A player roster must be submitted to the referee prior to each match.
b.  All final rosters must be submitted to the registrar prior to week two (2), exception to this is a team who may have a
bye that particular week.  Any team not meeting this rule will forfeit each match until final roster is submitted.
c.  No changes may be made in final roster with one exception and that being that the team falls below 11 eligible
players, the team may add up to three (3) players.
d.  Teams using ineligible players will forfeit each match these players participate in.
e.  No player may play on more than one team in any given season.

a.  All uniforms and equipment must meet FIFA requirements.  Please note that if both teams have same color shirts,
than the HOME team is responsible to secure a different color shirt or use numbered pinnies.
b.  If a player does not have a shirt with a PERMANENT number on it, then that player is NOT authorized to play in that

6.  OFFICIALS (Referees and Assistant Referees)
a.  All officials will be assigned by the League's Referee Assignor
(refereecoordinator@oldcolonymenssoccerleague.com) and any complaints or comments should be addressed to
b.  If referee is a no show, than the two (2) teams must agree upon a substitute referee if the match is to continue.

a.  Maximum roster size is 25 players.
b.  Minimum number of players needed to start a match is 7.

a.  Prior to starting the match, the officials will check rosters and individual players ID's and equipment.
b.  Each team must provide a player roster to the officials.
c.  Officials are to be paid prior to the match.

a.  All matches will start at 6:15 PM unless otherwise noted, but no later than 6:30 PM.
b.  Teams must be on the field at least 15 minutes before game start time.
c.  Home team is responsible for condition of playing field (including corner flags, nets, and lines).
d.  Referee to be sole judge of playability of the field.
e.  Make up matches must be agreed upon by both teams and a date must be determined within two (2) weeks of
cancellation (does not have to be played within two (2) weeks, but a make-up date has to be scheduled within two (2)
weeks).  If a make up date cannot be agreed upon, the league president (president@oldcolonymenssoccerleague.com)
will schedule the match.  Match must be played ON or BEFORE July 19.

10. LENGTH of MATCHES, etc.
a.  Normal playing periods will consist of two (2) 45 minute periods and a five (5) minute halftime.  A match is official after
45 minutes, and if suspended AFTER 45 minutes, the score at that time will stand.
b.  No overtime periods during the regular season.
c.  Playoffs will have two (2) 5-minute overtime periods with teams changing ends immediately after the first overtime.  If
the match is still tied, than there will be Kicks from the Mark using FIFA rules.
d.  All matches will be played to their conclusion with the following exceptions: weather, Field conditions, Referee's
decision.  Any resumption of the match will be by FIFA rules.
e.  A score of 3-0 will be recorded against a team that forfeits.  Three (3) card points will also be added as well to the
forfeiting team's total.

-   Unlimited substitutions at the following stoppages:  Goal Kicks, Goal Scored, Half-time, one for one on an injury,
Offensive Throw-ins, both teams, if offense subs.

a.  Player ejected from match cannot play in next match.  Violent fouls may be reviewed by league officials for additional
b.  Player ejected from second match (same Season) cannot play in next two (2) matches.
c.  Player ejected for third time (same Season) is suspended for remainder of the season and cannot be reinstated until
approval by the president.
d.  Play-off matches are included in suspensions.
e.  All fighting suspensions will be reviewed by the president of the league for further punishment.
f.   All ejected players must leave the field prior to the match being restarted.
g.  Any player who gets three (3) yellow cards in any season, will be suspended for one (1) match and any additional
yellow cards will result in one (1) match suspended for each card.
h.  In computing team card points, a red card is three points and a yellow card is one point.
i.   Any team which receives 12 card points within one season shall be penalized by deducting two points in the
standings.  If a Team achieves 15 card points, then they are ineligible for the playoffs.  Teams having excessive card
points will be reviewed by the league and are subject to removal from the league.

a.  Three points for a win.
b.  One point for a tie.
c.  Zero points for a loss.

a.  Head to Head
b.  Goal Differential
c.  Goals Scored
d.  Goals Against
e.  Coin Flip

a.  All protests shall be submitted to the league president within 24 hours of the match played.
b.  League president will be sole judge on all protests except as they may involve a league official and in this case the
president will defer to the league registrar. Please note this paragraph only in force if the president and the referee are
one in the same or it involves the president of the league who may be a coach.